Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hallowe'en Spirit

Okay, to blow the cob webs off of my blog (or maybe I should leave them there, now that Hallowe'en and coldness are in the air...), I will ring in the festivities of the fall with this pumpkin big mac that I saw on Boing Boing. It was originally posted on the Bits & Pieces blog. It's a great picture, and I am in the market for some pumpkin carving ideas, so any suggestions are well-welcome. But I have to say that the comments are just as good. It is great to see the debate over the iconic burger-pumpkin, complete with giant meat patty and all.
Here is a sample of the comments: what is the point of this?
# posted by Anonymous : 5:56 PM

This is pretty cool!
# posted by Anonymous : 6:02 PM

haha. that looks cool :D I wonder if anyone wound eat it? XD
# posted by Anonymous : 6:57 PM

you can't fucking eat it.
# posted by Anonymous : 7:52 PM

Hey retard, it's a pumpkin, of course you can eat it
# posted by Anonymous : 8:07 PM

lol, someone just got schooled!
# posted by Anonymous : 10:19 PM

Yeah you can eat it but I imagine it would taste pretty nasty...great idea anyways. t(-_-t)
# posted by Anonymous : 10:19 PM

how big a grill did he have to use to cook that pattie?
# posted by Anonymous : 11:25 PM

thats not a big mac... wheres the secret sauce??... the extra bread in the middle??... the second patti??... if anything thats a 1/4 pounder w/ cheese...
# posted by Anonymous : 11:59 PM

wow, and the U.S. is already the most obese country. Just imagine if we started eating shit like this!
# posted by Anonymous : 1:25 AM

As an obese American, I would totally eat this. Also, I would totally thank God for creating a country full of yummy pumpkin burgers I could eat in front of other countries with their rice and veggies and crap. Totally.
# posted by Anonymous : 2:41 AM

The AMERICAN Halloween... sad
# posted by Anonymous : 3:50 AM

actually there are 2 kinds of pumkins...ones for eating and ones for decorating...the ones used for decorating supposedly don't taste very good, i don't know why we don't decorate both tho
# posted by Anonymous : 5:03 AM

That Big Mac pumpkin is a total slut...who hasn't had sex with it??
# posted by Anonymous : 5:32 AM

It is a 1/4 pounder with cheese!
# posted by Anonymous : 6:29 AM

I would totally eat that pumpkin out.
# posted by Anonymous : 8:32 AM

Looks kinda like pac man with pimples and his mouth full.
# posted by Anonymous : 8:48 AM

Yeah, not enough patties to be a Big Mac
# posted by Anonymous : 9:14 AM

I think that pumpkin is deceptively small, therefore the patty is probably not that big.
# posted by Anonymous : 10:15 AM

It's a Le Royale with cheese....
# posted by Anonymous : 11:26 AM