Sunday, December 24, 2006

Goodness Gracious Me - it's the Eve of Boxing Day Eve

I am back in wonderful Nova Scotia with all my family (with whom i have noticed, take a lot of naps, myself included), all festive for the Holiday Season. And in pure, I suddenly have all this time on my hands, let's google (the appropriated word for Search) youtube for vids. In dedication to the holiday consumer festivities, the mall lines ups, and the newly introduced Sunday Shopping in Halifax (except the Liquor stores, to my dismay), here is a video from the British Show, Goodness Gracious Me, on fashion. Not much to do with Christmas, not much to do with anything else, but it made me laugh, as my stomach rumbles for the Chin-Yee holiday lobsters. Hope you all have a wonderful break, and I will be blogging again soon!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jon Stewart

In New York last week, Rob and I hightailed it down there, got stuck on the George Washington Bridge - and made it in time to stand out in the cold to get into The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It was a bit surreal, especially since we were in Montreal that morning and drove straight to the show, but it was an awesome experience. Jon chatted a bit with the audience, and got berated by an audience member about the sprinklers... the special guest was rocking climbing crazy man and now author, Ed Viesturs, who bantered well with JS. It was a quick fix though - the 23 minute show is a 23 minute show, no retakes, no editing, cut to commerical, back to the show kind of deal. Colbert and Stewart of conflab a bit before their on air banter. It was a great - but short experience, got to love John Stewart for maintaining one of the best shows and news sources on the air today.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Girating Cowboy

Rob and I spent a wonderful time in New York City, and amid all the bright lights, tall buildings, anmd indie/corporate vibe of the city, here's what I thought was blog worthy. The girating Santas of the Broadway hardware store. But, the icing to the cake was not these wonderful Holiday gems, it was the window next door, that took Christmas one step further...with the cowboy Santa. Red suit and all. I wonder if he's a republican? Probably not, his sleigh doesn't run on oil.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

90s pop culture turns high culture - Mario bros medley

Is this what it feels like to hear your favourite song on the "oldies" network? Not really, but I thought that I would try to shake some of us invinsible 90s kids up a bit...

The rate that our pop culture gets turned around, reapproriated, and sent back to us packaged in a newer, sexier outfit is remarkable - and exciting when things like this video/orchestra are out there - to shake up the remixers and tech savvy gamers out there.

Here's a fun reminder that the recylcing of cultural symbols and signifiers is not limited to the underground DJ, or even the remixing rap artist. here's a 6 minute medly performed by play! a video game symphony.

This is not an original idea, and I am proud to say that during my high school band days (stand up and electric bass - which I cannot play at all anymore but in my mind), two keen and talented musicians, no older than 17 wrote an entire ensemble piece for a full band, with this very same idea. The Mario Bros theme songs - sans the Ninetendo 64 version. Now that is foresight, and if those two talented Dartmouth Highers of Nova Scotia (circa 1996-1999) are out there, please drop me a line - you wrote us in the rhythm section the most kick ass dungeon part.

recorded by: djuret