Sunday, December 24, 2006

Goodness Gracious Me - it's the Eve of Boxing Day Eve

I am back in wonderful Nova Scotia with all my family (with whom i have noticed, take a lot of naps, myself included), all festive for the Holiday Season. And in pure, I suddenly have all this time on my hands, let's google (the appropriated word for Search) youtube for vids. In dedication to the holiday consumer festivities, the mall lines ups, and the newly introduced Sunday Shopping in Halifax (except the Liquor stores, to my dismay), here is a video from the British Show, Goodness Gracious Me, on fashion. Not much to do with Christmas, not much to do with anything else, but it made me laugh, as my stomach rumbles for the Chin-Yee holiday lobsters. Hope you all have a wonderful break, and I will be blogging again soon!

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