Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jon Stewart

In New York last week, Rob and I hightailed it down there, got stuck on the George Washington Bridge - and made it in time to stand out in the cold to get into The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It was a bit surreal, especially since we were in Montreal that morning and drove straight to the show, but it was an awesome experience. Jon chatted a bit with the audience, and got berated by an audience member about the sprinklers... the special guest was rocking climbing crazy man and now author, Ed Viesturs, who bantered well with JS. It was a quick fix though - the 23 minute show is a 23 minute show, no retakes, no editing, cut to commerical, back to the show kind of deal. Colbert and Stewart of conflab a bit before their on air banter. It was a great - but short experience, got to love John Stewart for maintaining one of the best shows and news sources on the air today.

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