Monday, May 21, 2007

10 MPH : across the country on a Segway

After returning from my exciting klezmer boat trip in the Ukraine, I am up for some serious cross country documentary action. And by serious, I mean two wheels, standing, and 10 mph of segway transportation.

First seen on
core 77
, 10 MPH : across the country on a Segway is a documentary film that follows Josh Caldwell and Hunter Weeks as they quit their jobs to go across the very country selling them the American/corporate dream.
Eat my slow moving dust, big business! Deciding that travel on a segway was the way to go, this film has the potential to ask us to look at our fast pace lives, corporate ideals, and SUV driving ways. It should at least be fun, and a way to see if these segway things are worth the purchase.