Saturday, March 18, 2006

"I take one step closer to you"

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I attended Michael Franti's show in Montreal's Theatre Outremont last night - St-Paddy's day - where he screened his film I know I'm not Alone, that follows his journey through Baghdad, the Palestinian territories, and Israel to help him understand what life is like for those living in occupation. Franti's peace-sharing, and story-listening journey looks at the devastation of the young, US occupation, and the destruction of Palestine which has been existing for several generations. Armed with his guitar, and musical mesage - Franti gained the trust of many and access to their lives and homes through the universal sharing of music and storytelling, and with his courageous acts of initiating dialogue between conflicting sides.

Following the film, the night continued with a question and answer and then of course music!

In this video - Franti dedicates the song to his friend, Marla Ruzicka, founder of CIVIC worldwide - The campaign for innocent victims of conlict, and who died by a car bombing last April (2005).

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Atlantic Review said...

Thanks for paying a tribute to Marla. The sad death of her anniversary was yesterday.

Marla's NGO has started a new photo campaign of compassion to "send a loud and clear message to our leaders as well as to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. All over the world... We are watching. We stand in solidarity. We care."

We have called for participation in our blog: Atlantic Review.