Saturday, May 06, 2006

Omar from Koumbit

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This past Wednesday, CitizenShift and Parole citoyenne hosted a wicked autonomous media event in Montreal's Societe des Arts Technologiques with guests from all aspects of freeing culture in an interesting bilingual panel discussion. From one blogger's beginnings into the blogosphere, to a creator and advocate of resposible media participation and open source technology (koumbit), to the WEB 2.0, to creative commons, to media power for the disenfranchised (Homeless Nation), to someone from one of the first accessible particpipatory media, and the current radiosphere (Bandaparte)

This is a short clip of Omar, from koumbit - and from their "About" page:

"Koumbit is a non profit organisation whose mission is to promote the appropriation of free, libre and open software by social groups in Quebec, in Canada and abroad.

We work on the development of a collective software platform and we provide support for users of free and open software.

Koumbit is a derivation of the haitian creol word "Konbit" which translates to: association of people towards the realisation of a common goal. "


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