Sunday, March 25, 2007

me and oscar

I am fortunate enough to work at the National Film Board of Canada, and had this wonderful, but such a dorky looking picture of me, with Torill Kove, the director of the Oscar winning film, The Danish Poet. On her triumphant return from LA, there was a photoshoot for the employees at the NFB to share in the celebration.

Danish Poet is such a special little film, I recommend it to anyone who feels like they are wondering around this earth directionless. You never do know what sequence of events will shape your future!

have a laugh at my picture, Ms. Miya looks much more sophisticated!


Dave said...

Standing right next to Oscar Gold, not too shabby. I saw The Danish Poet at the CineRobotheque last month, really enjoyed it!



P.S.- And your picture looks fine, geez ;-)

Ayesha said...

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