Friday, October 10, 2008

How to use your new iPod cellphone

So you are the new owner of an iPod Cellphone. Sometimes referred to on the street as an iPhone. As a fellow owner of an iPod cellphone, let me give you a few starter tips to begin your new life.

First. you take pictures of all your friends for your contacts. See example with Matthew Forsythe and his new iPod cellphone.

This will annoy, yet excite them once you show their picture when they call.

Then you download the Montreal STM application. so you can find the bus. This will also impress your bus taking friends.

Then set your ringer to the old school telephone ring to be like all the other iPod cell phone users.

Then you start uploading images to Facebook. This will show everyone that you have an ipod cellphone. And can take pictures anywhere and pretty much of anything. And get it to Facebook without wasting anytime going to a computer.

This will also makes them jealous. Yet excited because they will have their pictures on FB immediatly.

It also shows how cool you are in the middle of the day.

You should then post all random information you have about your iPod cell phone on your barely used blog. Such as info like, "I downloaded the new beer pouring application. It really looks like my phone is a pint of beer."

This will show the 2 people who accidently press on in your email signature that you are cool. And own an ipod cell phone.

Then you complain about the cost of owning an iPod cell phone.

But secretly think you are better than everyone else because you are willing to spend your rent/food money on an iPod cellphone.

Try these simple steps when getting your iPod cell phone and make new friends (which means new contacts in your iPod cell phone) today.

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Rob Maguire said...

Will you be my friend, so that I may add you to my iPod cellphone database?