Monday, July 24, 2006

Reflecting in the heat...

Maybe it's the heat - maybe it is that time of year, when you reassess, re-look, and pretty much "re" everything that is going in the world, and more selfishly, yourself.

I look at the shambles and war crimes that are not only happening each day in the middle east, and all over the world (but the Israeli wars crimes (and other middle eastern conflicts/invasions) and killings are the ones that are deamed "newsworthy" right now) but being beamed into our homes. And the embarassingly apologetic racism that Steven Harper is spewing under the International lens - and successfully supporting an illegal invasion, and flushing Canada's reputation down the shitter. We are not only sitting on the sidelines, twiddling our thumbs over whether the people of Lebanon deserve peace and safety, and even whether our own civilians deserve to be safe in this country or others.

And, as I look at all this... I am wondering what I am going to do? Where is my responsibility in this? The action that I feel in my heart (as I sit comfortably in my Montreal home, the absence of missiles and bombs whistling overhead - my walls all standing sturdly around me) is pumping hard, and I am standing here foolishly, thinking among other things...about my self. And my own miniscule misfortunes... apathy is scary, but self-absorbtion is just plain ugly.

This is for another post though.


Matthew Forsythe said...

couldn't have put it better.

Fiona said...

Mskeing your opions heard, sharing the info with others and remaining passionate about justice and freedom for all -- is 0f considerable value. Keeping on keeping on -- you give me inspiration -- when I am too tired even to think.