Sunday, August 06, 2006

Montreal Peace March for Israel out of Lebanon

Today in Montreal, 65 000 people congregated peacefully in Parc Lefontaine to protest against the injusticeful massacres that Israel is inflicting in Lebanon - and continues to do in Occupied Palestine. Walking in solidarity downtown, and speaking out against the Israeli war crimes and the US and Canadian compliance (and US funding) - the signs, the chants, the united view of many Canadians and others in the global community are demanding that Harper uphold what Canada stands for, what the United Nations stands for, and for Israel and America to follow international law - and to stop the killing of innocent people, and the demolition of culture.

The video (I am trying out youtube) is at Guy-Favreaux building downtown.

To see more pictures and commentary check out Rob Maguire's blog and you can check out more pictures at my flickr page.


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