Thursday, January 18, 2007

Canucks vs. Canadiens

This is footage from my first NHL game, Vancouver Cancucks against my Montreal Canadiens. It was a pathetic game, where I didn't get to see even one goal, but witnessed the fans continuing distress at our team bumbling around the ice. The Canucks, who won by 4-0, even seemed depressed by the end, as if they were challenging the pee wee league to an unfair match. Friends came up from New York (Canucks fans, go figure), and of course they were happy with the result, but they didn't get to experience the full force of Montreal's hockey obsession, and the verbal active fans (beyond the booing). We had great seats, as we showed up after the first period, and got a deal on some centre ice, lower section tickets, even though we were surrounded by corporate suits. Who lamely split (maybe their SUVs were going to get towed) before the game was done.

It seems like tonight (Atlanta) MAY be the end of the Canadiens downward spiral...but, as the game is currently on, I don't want to jinx it.
So fingers crossed.

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