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REpost: The Echo Chamber project

This is a post from March 15th 2006 (ah, the ides of March!), that was spammed quite severely - and as much as I love people visiting my site, through such google searches as, "h0t young etc...", I think I'll pass, because it's just confusing and disappointing for me, and those looking for more exciting, revealing footage then what me and my little camera can provide. So, to not lose this post in the abyss forever, Here it is, one more round. I did lost the comments page, where I had some nice correspondense with Kent Bye of The Echo Chamber Project - but I hope we will be able to pick up a conversation after all these months.

In recent good news for The Echo Chamber Project, Kent has just received a $55 000 grant to keep up his dedicated work. Congrats! Well deserved as you can see by the project overview:

The Echo Chamber Project explores collaborative investigative filmmaking by using new media technologies as well as a repository of original video interviews with journalists and scholars. It is a project that details the limitations of American journalism while at the same time embodying innovative solutions through collaborative media production. In short, it is an independent filmmaker's "YouTube" combined with "Wikipedia" for serious journalism.

Radical innovation is needed in order to discover both sustainable business models for hard-hitting investigative journalism as well as new ways of maintaining influence and audience attention with trustworthy content. The Echo Chamber Project explores the two key trends of Online Video and Tapping into Collective Intelligence through Citizen Participation.

There are three end products for The Echo Chamber Project:
1.) A collaboratively edited 90-minute documentary film about how the mainstream media became an uncritical echo chamber during the lead-up to the war in Iraq.
2.) A set of open source tools and methodologies for participatory journalism and collaborative film editing that is sustained through a viable business model.
3.) An online, interactive collection of transcribed video segments that are annotated and filtered with user-contributed context and meaning at

Here's the previous post, please don't spam me with more sexy talk.

March 15, 2006:

Check out this site, The Echo Chamber, Kent Bye's open source multi-media rich site/blog that looks critically at the (predominantly American) media's role in molding the culture landscape, and the slanted, and often propagandic information that is fed to the public for passive, unquestioned consumption that caters to fit the political administration's liking. I came across the video "Government Bypasses Press" while perusing on

Kent Bye investigates the idea of democratic media, and the future for internal dissemination in the form of new media, and grassroots, collaborative film making. The Echo Chamber Project is different than many other politically critical independent news sites, because it offers, and asks for positive solutions, including engagement in the media and the corporate structure of our culture. its great when you come across these little gems of websites - and I will definitly be checking back to The Echo Chamber.

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