Sunday, February 11, 2007

Best Shout Out Ever.

The 49th installment of the Grammys has been quite stellar, with such highlights as The Police reunion (but everyone is going to say that), and Jamie Foxx crip walking on stage (which reminded me that this was a goal of mine to learn to do since I was a my current goal of the week...), but so far, best thing of the Grammys was Ludacris' SHOUT OUT to right wing "culture warrior", Bill O'Reilly. Confused at first, I admit (and bit peeved about The Roots not winning...), jumping onto my trusty imac to ensure that this had to be a joke. And, sure enough, Ludacris has as much humour as he does, frequent ladies homes in various area codes (lame joke, I know). For those like me, who were confused, a few years ago, O'Reilly critisized and insulted Ludacris and other hip hop artists, and the corps. that they endorse. Corporating whoring is another topic of discussion, but for now, we can just stick to the dressed up racism, and the undeserved self-righteousness of the Fox trainwreck, and his accusations that slapped him back in the face soon after.

You can read more about this scandal that ensued with Bill O'Reilly's sexual harrassment suit on , where they write:
"According to reports, former associate producer Andrea Mackris claims that O’ Reilly bought her a vibrator and gave her instructions on how to use it."

So creepy.

And you can read more at GlobalBlackNews.

Anyway - the Grammy's aren't over yet, but a here's my shout out to Ludacris for being the best speech yet.

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