Sunday, February 18, 2007

Poetry in Spam

Filtering through my spam has proven to be more interesting than all the emails, list serves, and all the rest of the crap that I have granted access into my email inbox! My philosophy: the evolution of spam has grown past the basement viagra operations (though they are still in full steam and vigor, bless 'em!), and the letters encouraging us to "deposit money into my Nigerian account". But have reached the socially hidden, basement stayed poets of the internet . . . spamming us to read their automatic writing exercises.

It's kind of fun.

Here's one that I found in my last clean-up:

"contrary, ignorance. But this is not the mark of all relatives; everything that is not substance. But one and the selfsame receptive of these qualities, but only in that subject of which the with one thing, and great in comparison with another, so that the same boat cannot be said to find its explanation in the word rudder. As defined with reference to that of which the things indicated are a quality, that which takes its character from the quality has a name have to admit that such parts are not substances: for in explaining is said to be capable of admitting contrary qualities. definition will not be appropriate, for the rudder does not have likewise, is a continuous quantity; for the parts of a solid occupy half. The existence of the half necessitates the existence of that Neither in the case of contraries, nor in the case of difficulties might ensue, and this is true with regard to all those him and the slave will remain the same, for it is of a master that a is white, black, that which is cold, hot, that which is good, bad, being indicated by the preposition of or by some other follows that there is no half, and vice versa; this rule also village: or we say that a house has many in it, and a theatre few, subject, for it comes into existence at the same time as the animal.

Now the head, the hand, and such things are substances, and it is As for the rest, time, place, state, since they are easily But it is by reason of the modification which takes place within the first is reciprocally connected, as in the aforesaid instances, when common. It is, therefore, established that in every proposition, of necessary for one to be true and the other false. Health and disease As for the rest, time, place, state, since they are easily cold, for it has entered into a different state. Similarly that in the sense of the word opposite which applies to possession and relative in so far as it is some ones property, not in so far as it qualities, inasmuch as we are said to be such and such in virtue of takes place, through disease or any such cause. The virtues, also, same time both white and black. Nor is there anything which is things which admit these qualities are affected in any way. Honey is Further, primary substances are most properly so called, because easily be rendered ineffective or speedily removed, are called, not subsists also between the species and the genus to which the primary Again, perception is generated at the same time as the perceiving determinate sense."


anyway - Kung Hei Fat Choi - Happy New year of the golden pig... live it up.

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