Sunday, November 26, 2006

Expozine Montreal

Montreal’s small publishing and artistic community came out in droves to share their wares, and celebrate the groundswell of artistic independence in congregation at Expozine. In the stuffy, packed basement of a church in Mile End – the bustling noise of creative collaboration was eminating off the concrete walls, and you could breathe it in the oxygen-starved air.
An uncountable number of small publishers filled the room, and among the things that I picked up (and looked on longingly – but couldn’t take home either because I came ill-prepared with not enough cash, or the crowd around the table was too big to get through.), were both editions of Matt Forsythe’s ogingogo comic
filled with reflective illustrations and carefully chosen obscurities. Combining a playful technique with asian flavour, the comic is for the thoughtful reader/viewer with a sense of subtle humour. Decidedly un-North American, Matt’s global influences are apparent in his comics.
Political bi-monthly, bi-lingual magazine, Siafu were also publicizing their free publications – a collective of Montreal journalists and commentary on specific subjects, such as education, and this month’s reclamation of public space. And, many silk screening and printmaking artists were showing off their very wall-worthy work, for reasonable prices.
All in all, oxygen or not – Expozine is not only a haven of diverse and interesting independent Montreal talent – its was also a great gathering of the creative community, that has been thriving in their resistance to corporatization and are taking control on the making and distribution of our culture.
Here’s a short video of what was going on in the basement.


Sirkowski said...

It was indeed a great Expo this year.

Sirkowski said...

"it would be good to get some sort of communal listing, or blog of events like Expozine"

Check out Sequential:

Aisling Chin-Yee said...

very cool - thanks for the link! and if you do have any more info - drop a line!