Tuesday, November 28, 2006


In the spirit that a couple glasses of wine, 12:09am, and the PVR recorded Colbert Report - here is a fun animated gif of a unrealistic way to commit suicide...with papercuts.

And to write about something that has nothing to do with papercuts (but I am an accident prone paper user) - Here's an unoft summary of my week:
Today (or yesterday) 27th: Jewelery class - I am making my first lost wax ring. It is nice to do things that don't require me to look at a screen.

Tomorrow (or later today) 28th: learn to save lives a la St-John's Ambulance instruction. They want me to be there at 8:30 am. That is no way to get this potential life saver in the mood of doing any lifesaving good. I hope they provide the coffee.

29th: see day 28th - but hopefully with more lifesaving skills than I have now.
And, check out some Georgian restaurant by Snowdon metro.

30th: This Final Cut Pro user, is going to become a dual Avid editor too! This skill seems to be more beneficial to me than the lifesaving one at this point - but I guess its all relative to whether you are choking around me in the future, or need me to cut a film.

1st: see day 30. and TBD.

This post is completely useless. My apologies for reaching the end of it.


Anne said...

Lost wax is cool. My sister observed at one point that (depending how you do it) the process can work with pretty much anything organic. So you can make castings of (say) skulls, insects...

Aisling Chin-Yee said...

Hey anne - yeah, lost wax is very cool, and your sister's right, as long as it can burn away when being cast. small twigs look very cool, if they are textured. I am making a ring that looks like wings wrapping around your finger...it still needs a lot of work! I'll post when its done, unless its too embarrassing!