Sunday, February 26, 2006

2:30am...minus 20 degrees... and art galleries...bring it on!

Montreal's annual High Lights festival arrived with the signature cold, that every year I also anually ask myself why the hell I am in this god-forsaken ice cube still....and then I take part in only-in-Montreal style activities like last night's all nighter.

Amongst the many activities popping up all over the city - I went to the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal at 2:30am in the freezing cold that characteristicallty grips Montreal each February. In true montrealer form - the place was packed, art-lovers - rosy cheeked from the cold, and pre-boozing - getting too close the art, milling around, and generally having a good time.

Checked out the massive painting/sculpture/metal work of the Anselm Keifer exhibition - its debut in Canada. it was wonderul, with each piece towering higher and larger than the last. The description taken from the MACM newsletter:
"Kiefer is himself a monument in contemporary art. Born in Donaueschingen, Germany, just as the Second World War was ending, he is considered one of the most important and relevant artists of our day. Now based in Barjac, France, he continues to explore the fundamental experiences of human existence through mythology, history and time. To convey these rich historical and philosophical metaphors, Kiefer makes use of highly symbolic materials such as clay, ash, gold leaf, seeds, dried plants and lead."

And of course, amidst the cultural festivities (at 2:30am), you can always count on some goodhearted ol' sign-changin' funness (yes- funness is the appropriate word here...
Here's this "cultural" moment - that you won't find in any art gallery...
click here to see mini-film

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