Monday, February 13, 2006

Connectivity across borders

The exciting revolution of wireless connectivity is spreading further each day - and more and more organizations are looking in keeping this decentralization of information and communication sustainable. One collective Wireless Networking in the Developing World has written a guide on low cost wireless infrastructure building, that can be downloaded free under creativecommons licence on the website.

"Wireless infrastructure can be built for very little cost compared to traditional wired alternatives. But building wireless networks is only partly about saving money. By providing people in your local community with cheaper and easier access to information, they will directly benefit from what the Internet has to offer. The time and effort saved by having access to the global networkof information translates in to wealth on a local scale, as more work can be done in less time and with less effort. "

also check out Rana Ghose's film How Can Wireless Connectivity be of Use in a Development Context? An Acacia Connectivity Africa Project

This global movement to make connections and access more readily available to rural localities will be interesting and exciting to watch to see how this decentralization of media will change many people's preception of how media can be used, and where it is being used.

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