Thursday, February 09, 2006

i hope what they say about 1st impressions isn't true...

As the first post - this one will be short and sweet:
Going to break past the natural tendency to introduce myself to you...chances are you did not happen across this blog, but are someone I actively wanted to read it... so me explaining my loves and interests is more than a little futile. Though, for pure egotistical fun (which has a huge role anyway!), it could be entertaining, for me anyway.

1/2 Chinese-Jamaican
1/2 Irish
100% Nova Scotian
100% adopted Montrealer

there, we covered the surface.

how about i answer the question of Why when I come up with something more interesting than, I want to tell you about my day...




dave said...

my first impression of you was enough to sustain a friendship over years and tumultuous territory. consider me a reader for life.

kassandra said...

Well well well... fancy meeting you here. Whatever happened to becoming a 100% adopted Londoner? Ha ha ha. Have you figured out who this is yet? Having recently been re-wired, I tried emailing you at Christmas but I guess your address has changed... but here you are... and Dave too! (Where's my long e-mail Dave??!!) Well anyway, welcome to the blogosphere!