Friday, February 17, 2006

PC Revolution 1981

So here's the funny thing, and I know that we all know it, and we all comment on it when it happens. but, damn! How useless am I when I can't use my computer?!

Was at work, and the power goes out, and I realized that the last time I had bothered to write anything down on a piece of paper was...well it, embarrassing actually. and, to go along with my carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists, I cannot actually write for very least not legibly.

So, not being the only one who felt useless because their whole lives were stored in an electronic box, my work was closed...and ironically I go home and find this little gem from the past:'s flashback the PC revolution 1981

I watched it on my FireAnt video player , which I recommend to anyone to download. It is still in the beta stage - but its great little RSS powered video/vlog player. This great news bit (love D.Rather's hair..) was aired on macTVshow #109.

check it out...the revolution of the "small personal computer"!

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