Thursday, April 06, 2006

Autonomous Media : activating resistance and dissent

I recently returned to a favourite book of mine that came out a little less than a year ago, this is Autonomous Media : activating resistance and dissent, self described as, "a collection essays on street-wise, do-it-yourself media projects. Because this book is not just about saying, but is primarily about DOING."

This collection was compiled by local Montreal media activists, Andrea Langlois and Frédéric Dubois, and is a great, cohesive collection of media testimonials and essays of all sorts, on the topic of self represented, local, grassroots media. Filled with useful links, active groups, and ideas for getting involved in your own local initiatives.

I have appropriated this book, as an inspirational commute read, toilet read, and awesome pick me up, when feeling bogged down by the enslaught of corporate media.

I highly recommend everyone to find a copy of this (Cumulus Press book) publication, and also check out their site/blog, made by non-profit web design organization koumbit, also commited to the use of open source software.

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