Monday, April 24, 2006

Sergio y Vanessa at Diary of a Lost Circus

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This past Earth Day I attended with friend and former colleague, Colleen Ayoup a burlesque show at Petit Campus, called Diary of a Lost Circus. It was quite a smashing little show, with tons of entertaining and diverse acts, from steel guitars to boob tassles (naturally) to mimes, and bag pipes. At times the stage, and ambience of the bar resembled the tinted lantern hues of an opium den, and at other times, a good ol' Nova Scotian ho down... all in all - quality entertainment - with a touch of classless class (or brash class - my fave). There was tons of talent on stage, from across the country - but have to say, my heart goes out to Sergio y Vanessa...the sultry spanish duo - with all their fantastic acrobatics and facial expression....definitly a follow up performance is in order.

WARNING: boobs. butts and mustaches galore.

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