Sunday, April 09, 2006

Chin-Yee family fluff

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Making films (and media) will do something to you...or to at least how you interact with the your surroundings. The complete need (and yes, it is totally addictive) to document all things that you do, because they seem to hold some kind of significance, or could at least be interesting to someone (who that is, is often the more grey area of your conviction that there needs to be record of this existing...somewhere), takes a hold of you, and you end up experiencing all moments that seem to be worth remembering, through a screen, with the intension of experiencing later...

all this explanation is overy grandiose (and if you have read this, now you definitly know that you are not in for very much...) to the video that I have put online today...


I was going through old miniDV tapes of mine, without any clue what was on them, and found my documentation of my family (the Nova Scotian Chin-Yees) at Christmas in 2003 - and then skip ahead to last Christmas - 2005, where I had begun my addiction to taping everything on my still digitial camera that has video capacity.

This is dedicated to those that will be entertained, or who at least understand the craziness that is my family, and of course, to the embarressment of my family members.


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