Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Potato peeling vendor in NY

Watch the video

Just returned from New York city over Easter weekend.  So much to see, so these next few posts will be dedicated to this boistrous city.  We stayed at the Virginia House in Spanish Harlem, a great, vibrant neighbourhood, and had the most wonderful staff, room, and wireless internet (so there was no excuse for me not to be blogging/vlogging...but I still thought that I would save all my tales for when I returned. 

 This is a fun little video from Rob and my first day there, where a smooth talking potato peeler vendor puts on a show to sell his wares. Aparantly he has been selling these little gadgets for 15 years in New York, so next time you are downtown, pick one up...just $5 a piece, or 5 for $20..."they make wonderful gifts...and your friends will think of you eveytime they set foot in the kitchen!"

you can also check out photos on my flickr page and on Rob Maguire's page as well.


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Rob Maguire said...

These guys rocked the casbah. The little guy was particularly cute.